Antimicrobial Applicators

Nothing is more important than the verification of the invisible

IAC is There

IAC assists Retailers, Brands and Manufacturers in locating antimicrobials that are appropriately registered for use on the goods they produce or sell. IAC assists Retailers, Brands and Manufacturers in certifying their existing vendors and locating IAC-ACP mills that can consistently provide quality antimicrobial treatment on their products.

The International Antimicrobial Council (IAC) Applicator Certification Program (ACP) is the certification program for manufacturers of antimicrobial treated products. The ACP was developed by the IAC to help protect the consumer by assuring cooperation between the mills, antimicrobial provider and retailer/brand. manufacturers holding IAC-ACP certification not only meet initial training requirements but also meet continuing education requirements as well as ongoing quality assurance reviews. The IAC-ACP logo indicates that full compliance with program requirements have been met. 

The cost-competitive nature of today’s retail environments in the USA and Europe has placed enormous economic pressure on their vendors located in a variety of countries around the globe. They must meet the buyer’s demands often with only the narrowest of margins. This increased economic compression of vendors and some of the vendor shifting that has occurred in the last four to five years heightens the need for improved quality assurance especially regarding a textile treatment like an antimicrobial that is imperceptible to the naked eye. This need is even more essential when considering that treated products are subject to USEPA regulation when imported back to the USA or the BPR when imported to Europe. The IAC develops specialized QA Programs for antimicrobial treated products.


Retailers & Brands

Providing products that perform is the design of most Retailers and Brand Name companies. Assuring that their products perform is an important outcome of using IAC Certified Applicators.

Certification through Training

The IAC Certified Mill Program educates the mills regarding the antimicrobials they are using and what steps need to be taken to assure quality.