Antimicrobial Distributors

The best products can only be made if someone delivers the goods 

Technical Expertise

Certified Distributors are trained to understand how the antimicrobial they sell and service works. It is important for distributors to understand the regulatory concerns when selling an antimicrobial, what the customers requirements are and how to best serve the needs of the mill that is applying the antimicrobial. Distributors are trained on the basic chemistry of their product so they can determine how it will interact with other finishes commonly used in the manufacture of antimicrobial treated products. 

The USEPA and EUBPR have created regulatory laws through policy issuance. The development of law through policy implementation establishes a precedent that fosters a continuously changing environment for commercial enterprises to work within. This environment is challenging and requires frequent updates to keep distributors at the forefront of the changes that are occurring. The IAC consistently monitors the USEPA and EUBPR for changes in policy or extensions of timelines and communicates these changes to Certified Distributors.

Antimicrobial distributors aren't intended to be experts in regulatory matters, but they do need to be aware that the improper use of antimicrobials can get them and their customers in trouble with some regulatory agencies. IAC certification training provides the level of expertise needed to meet the regulatory requirements that pertain to the distribution of antimicrobials in most countries.

Continuing Education