Antimicrobial Producers

Certified Producers must make great antimicrobials safely and sustainably

Making the Right Choice

Choosing the right antimicrobial isn't as easy as running a few microbiological tests to determine performance. The  mode of action, safety parameters, independent evaluations, tox data, manufacturing procedures, raw materials, carbon footprint.... the criteria can be pretty involved if you plan on making a responsible antimicrobial selection. 

It means that the company making the product as well as the product itself has been reviewed and meets the IAC criteria to be certified. The IAC partners with T-CHIP Ticket to ascertain the process used to produce the antimicrobial and rate the sustainability of the product. Each producer must submit specific data to T-CHIP Ticket to be considered for certifiaction.

IAC Certification for antimicrobial producers can be initiated by filling out a certification application on-line. Contact for more information.

Not every antimicrobial producer will be certified by the IAC. Some simply won't meet the requirement that have been established, others use chemistries that simply aren't considered appropriate for their use. In any case a Certified Producer must meet our criteria to be Certified.