Sustainability and the IAC

Posted on Dec 8, 2013

If we think of sustainability as a journey, then how are you making progress towards an environmentally and socially responsible destination?  In other words, what is your firm doing currently to advance eco initiatives and what is planned to meet sustainability goals in the future?  In the next paragraph you’ll find the IAC response to the above question. The position of the International Antimicrobial Council is based on the premise...

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Antimicrobials and Water Conservation

Posted on Nov 29, 2013

Taking Water Conservation to the Next Level in Textiles For the last ten years textile mills have been focusing on conserving water during the production of textiles. Much of this concern has been promulgated by apparel retailers and apparel brands requesting that the mills produce their goods in a more sustainable manner. The International Antimicrobial Council applauds the work that has been done in this area and the leadership...

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