Educational Programs

Teleconferences and Web Conferences

Teleconferences are live lectures presented by subject matter experts via the telephone. Handouts are available for download prior to the presentation.  Web Conferences are live lectures and handouts presented by subject matter experts via the Internet. These visually-oriented programs require access to both a computer with an internet connection and a telephone.

These cost-effective methods of training allow for staff education without leaving the workplace or expenditures for travel.

Hands-On Laboratory Workshops

Hands-On Laboratory Workshops, also known as “On-Site Workshops,” engage participants with discussion and lecture. These workshops provide valuable insights to participants providing a means to verify the practical application of uniform procedures from laboratory to laboratory.  This course is essential for IAC Certification of a microbiological laboratory. Participants interact with subject matter experts to gain a complete understanding of the material presented.

Training Seminars

Seminars are in-person open channel lectures that allow participants the opportunity to interact with the presenter and gain in-depth knowledge about a particular topic.

On-Demand Programs

On-Demand Programs feature laboratory training available at your convenience, and at your own pace — anytime, anywhere!   These programs include: on-line courses and previously recorded teleconferences.

Challenges of Antimicrobial Testing: Perspectives from the Field

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Challenges of Measuring the Antimicrobial Performance on Textiles Sept 2017 Final

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Odor Control in Textiles

Posted by on 3:01 pm in Webinars | 0 comments Defining What Works and How to Measure...

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Certified Labs Deliver Better Results

Posted by on 9:57 pm in Webinars | 0 comments Demystifying Antimicrobials Webinar Series—Certified Labs Deliver Better Results IAC Webinar May 4, 2016 12:00 Noon EST Saginaw Valley State University, University Center, MI—According to the IAC, variation in antimicrobial test results is a concern for manufacturers and retailers of odor control apparel and textile products. Says Jim Krueger, the IAC’s Managing Director, “Brands and retailers tell us that measuring odor control performance has...

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The Science of Protecting Your Brand

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The Science of Protecting Your Brand

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IAC Webinar Discusses Improving Antimicrobial Test Reliability to Verify Quality and Build Consumer Confidence Saginaw Valley State University, Saginaw, MI—January 21, 2016—Consumer demand for antimicrobial benefits in home textiles and apparel has grown substantially. In trying to meet that demand, many product developers have encountered inconsistent antimicrobial test results that leave them frustrated and uncertain of the real performance of their treated product. In this webinar, the International Antimicrobial Council gets to the root...

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Developing Antimicrobial Programs and Policies for Treated Textiles

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Webinar providing background information regarding textile antimicrobial programs and policies.

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An Overview of Odor Control in Textiles”

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A look at the market demand for Odor control and the technical story behind it.

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IAC 103 Treated Articles, Claims Webinar

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Come join us for an overview of the USEPA Treated Articles Exemption as listed within FIFRA. FIFRA is the law regulating antimicrobials and their use in the United States. FIFRA also governs products treated with antimicrobials in foreign countries and then imported into the USA.

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