Market Consulting

Success comes when you skate to where the puck is going, not to where it is

Marketing Services

Whether the need is for plan development, existing plan implementation or simply the outsourcing of specific market development activities, the market consulting services offered by Blink, LLC in association with the IAC can help move your products and company down the road of success. 

The unique combination of skills that are merged through the cooperative relationship between Blink, LLC and the IAC provide access to marketing professionals that can effectively separate signal from noise, threats from opportunities and develop actionable plans from market intelligence obtained from your sources or ours. Successful plans establish clear implementation strategies that emphasize timelines and feedback loops that provide measurable outcomes. 

Creating separation between your product and the rest of the crowd isn't always easy and sometimes is best approached with a fresh perspective on your product. Blink, LLC has extensive experience in product positioning and brand development. Their experience in the antimicrobial industry comes with a retail perspective on antimicrobial treated products. This perspective is very beneficial when re-positioning your product in a new light that you your customers and prospects will appreciate. Blink transforms the mundane old technical approaches to the market into emotive conversations capable of converting prospects to customers.

Freshness Feature Positioning

For Retailers and Brand Name companies the unique market research and analysis provided by the IAC and its partners provides a unique perspective regarding how the "Freshness" feature can be positioned to consumers to win their heart and their pocketbooks.