Market Surveys

Posted on Nov 18, 2013

No plan is a plan for failure and planning requires current, accurate information

IAC market reports are based on a compilation of research including interviews conducted throughout the globe. For each industry analysis, IAC reviews existing data from private and public studies, surveys, presentations and papers, as well as its own market surveys. the reports also summarize publicly available product literature and data. Industry knowledge within IAC as well as government and industry reports are also used in these reports.

The IAC conducts market surveys where data is collected via typical market research interviews performed directly with healthcare, textile, construction product manufacturers, biocide manufacturers, retailers, brand name companies, suppliers and distributors by internet, telephone and in person. 

Survey Analysis

IAC market research is performed in conjunction with ANERCA, a market survey third party from Toronto, Canada with specific expertise in designing surveys to assist in determining the socio-cultural reasons behind the responses the survey obtains.

Information Application

Gathering market research is a science of its own, but using the market information to design an effective plan to capture market share requires a separate set of skills that combines technical proficiency with marketing and sales development expertise. IAC members have special access to Blink, a marketing consulting firm that has expertise in developing marketing and sales programs for antimicrobial features.