Education sets the groundwork for the evolution of greater science

Laboratory Training

The IAC provides specific training for laboratory personnel. This training is available on-line and live. 

Hands-On Laboratory Workshops, also known as “On-Site Workshops,” engage participants with discussion and lecture. These workshops provide valuable insights to participants providing a means to verify the practical application of uniform procedures from laboratory to laboratory.  This course is essential for IAC Certification of a microbiological laboratory. Participants interact with subject matter experts to gain a complete understanding of the material presented.

The IAC provides live and pre-recorded webinars that provide training on regulatory, technical, laboratory, marketing and general business topics. These programs are available on a global basis and, in the case of the pre-recorded webinars, are available for viewing 24 hours a day. Live webinars are scheduled with the IAC and can be performed for a specific group or can be open for any IAC member to view.

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